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Kids Club Program Details

Kids will remain flat rate weekly tuition.  Please see updated fee schedule as of February 2nd.  If you will not be using Kids Club for any reason, simply contact our office and we can inactivate your account.  Kids Club and OPS do not share student status information.  Any billing concerns, please contact Kids Club at OPSF 402.502.3032 or crystal.hansen@ops.org

20/21 Hours of Operation – EXTENDED to 6:00pm as of February 2nd, 2021

Kids Club is open at 6:30 am at all designated sites until school begins (approximately 8:50 am) and from dismissal of school (approximately 4:05 pm) until 6:00pm.   

OPS returns to full time in-person learning on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021.  Kids Club afternoon hours will be extended to 6:00p.m.

20/21 Kids Club Registration CLOSED

Registration and reservation is now required before attending Kids Club; we can no longer be a drop-in childcare service.  Covid-19 has brought many changes and we want to provide care for as many families as we can while keeping safety and health priority one.   Annual registration fee is $30 per child.

Some sites have remaining limited availability, please contact our main office to offerings.  crystal.hansen@ops.org

Days of Operation at Each Site

The program operates at each designated site on days when school is in session for classroom learning. Kids Club will operate in tandem with OPS in-person learning plan.  Please make sure your child has a reservation for each day you need the program.  Kids Club will not be providing consolidated days until further notice.

Kids Club Rates

Kids Club is now a flat rate fee. Kids Club operating hours are from 6:30 am to start of school and end of school to  6:00 pm.

Kids Club has a flat weekly rate averaging $15 per day.  First week of February, with no school February 1st, the weekly flat rate will be $60.  Full week in person learning will be a flat rate of $75 per child – No 2nd child discounts available.  We are working hard to offer AM or PM only options for 21/22 which will allow more flexibility for families.  The flat rate is the required tuition amount due regardless of attendance to retain the reserved spot in Kids Club.

OPS returns to full time in-person learning on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021.  Kids Club tuition will remain at a flat rate averaging $15 per day; ie, 2/2-5/21 is $60 flat rate. 

Comparison of Rate Change:   Averages out to $4.00 per hour of available access (previous year was $4.25) and equals $15 per day for 5 days of available access.

Late Pick Up Fee:  $15.00 late pick-up fee,  $15 for every 15 minutes, or fraction thereof, per child picked up after  6:00pm. 

Your account must remain in good standing to retain your access to Kids Club.  Failure to pay your Kids Club bill by the due date may result in suspension and termination from the Kids Club program.

  • Parents/guardians – Make life a little easier, we now have options to setup auto-payments via checking, savings, most debit cards and credit cards.  Please contact Crystal Hansen directly for details at 402-502-3011 or email: crystal.hansen@ops.org
  • Parents/guardians must accompany their child to check in and out of the program regardless of the child’s age.    We will be screening and checking children in prior to entering the school this year.  Parents are not allowed to enter the school until further notice.  Masks are required at all times.

20/21 Designated Kids Club Sites

  • Adams
  • Ashland Park/Robbins
  • Bancroft
  • Beals
  • Belle Ryan
  • Benson West
  • Boyd
  • Castelar
  • Catlin
  • Chandler View
  • Columbian
  • Conestoga
  • Crestridge
  • Dodge
  • Dundee
  • Edison
  • Fontenelle
  • Fullerton
  • Gateway
  • Gomez Heritage
  • Harrison
  • Indian Hill
  • Jackson
  • Jefferson
  • Joslyn
  • Kellom
  • Masters
  • Oak Valley
  • Pawnee
  • Picotte


  • Ponca
  • Prairie Wind
  • Rose Hill
  • Saddlebrook
  • Spring Lake
  • Springville
  • Standing Bear
  • Sunny Slope
  • Washington
  • Western Hills

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Registration is Currently Cosed for 20/21  

21/22 Registration will Open Spring 2021


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