Dear OPSF Kids Club Parents and Families,

Face Mask RequiredGiven the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis that is spreading through our country, Omaha Public Schools Foundation (OPSF) Kids Club would like to assure you that we are monitoring the situation closely. Based on information we have at this time; we will continue to operate OPSF Kids Club to minimize disruption to you and your family. Kids Club will operate following the 3:2 plan issued by Omaha Public Schools (OPS). If the situation should change, we will notify you immediately.

Please take note of the following changes to our policies and procedures:

Kids Club operating hours are 6:30 a.m. to 8:50 a.m. and 4:05 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Kids Club will not be offering any full day care or consolidated days until further notice. Your child(ren) may only attend Kids Club on the days in which they are scheduled to attend classroom learning.

Check-In and Pick-Up

  • Families will be greeted at the entry door where a staff member will meet the child(ren). Parents and other family members will not be allowed inside the school or Kids Club childcare program per OPS policy. Prior to parents leaving the site, a trained staff member will take the temperature of their child(ren) and ask parents the following questions:
    • Do you live with anyone or have you had close contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 within the past 14 days?
    • Do you or anyone in your household have a fever, cough and/or shortness of breath?
    • Do you or your child(ren) have any other signs of a contagious illness such as a cold or flu?
  • Children and staff will be required to wash their hands and/or use provided hand sanitizer immediately upon entering the building.
  • Upon your arrival to pick up your child, a staff member will bring your child out to the main entrance the school. Doing so will limit direct contact and help us to maintain social distancing.

Healthy Environment

  • We will separate children into smaller groups that fall within state or local guidelines.
  • We will not share equipment and will clean equipment between uses.
  • Children will remain separated in the designated Kids Club space to reduce the number in one area and to reduce the possibility of viral transmission.
  • Staff will disinfect high-touch surfaces, such as toys and games that children play with at least once daily. Staff will have access to anti-bacterial hand sanitizers and disposable gloves and use them as needed. No program tours will be given until further notice to reduce the number of visitors in the building.

Child Health

  • Staff will be trained on all COVID-19 protocols. All staff and children will be required to wear a face mask to enter any OPS school and Kids Club.
  • Children who start to experience symptoms of respiratory illness, including a fever of >100.4 while at childcare, will be isolated from other children until they can be picked up.

Staff Health & Wellness

  • Staff will receive additional training on infection control and workplace disinfection.
  • Staff will check their temperature at the beginning of each shift and notify their supervisor if >100.4 as well as self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and notify their supervisor if they develop any symptoms during their shift.
  • Staff will wash their hands and/or used hand sanitizer immediately upon entering the program and immediately prior to leaving.
  • Staff will not be allowed to work if they have a temperature, are feeling ill, or experiencing respiratory symptoms.

Tuition and Billing

Kids Club is now a pre-pay service and no longer a drop-in service. To retain your child(ren)’s spot the full tuition is due regardless of the number of days utilized in a two-week cycle. If you choose to not retain your spot(s) please contact OPSF as many locations will have a waiting list.

  • If Kids Club is open and your child is in attendance following the assigned 3:2 schedule, tuition will be due in full beginning Friday, August 21st. If you choose to keep your children at home, you will be required to pay your normal weekly tuition to retain your spot. If you choose to pull your child out and not pay, there is no guaranteed spot upon a request to return.
  • Pre-payment options now available include weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Automatic withdrawals from checking/savings, as well as most debit and credit cards, can be setup. Please contact OPSF to setup your payment option.
  • Weekly emails with a Click-to-Pay link will be sent out each Friday before your tuition is due. If payment is not made by the Wednesday of the current billed week, your Kids Club privileges can be suspended.
  • We understand that we may not be the right program for everyone. The limited number of acceptances is in accordance with Nebraska Department of Health and Human Service licensing for the safety and health of the children and staff.


  • If the current situation changes and it becomes necessary to update our procedures or close our program temporarily, we will notify the family contact by email. Be sure to update your preferred email with OPSF, the first Parent/Guardian is the default unless otherwise noted.
  • You may follow our social media pages and/or website for late-breaking program updates. Website: and Social Media:

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Thank you for your understanding and patience as we implement these new procedures. Our goal is to minimize disruption while at the same time keeping you, your family, and our staff healthy and well.

Omaha Public Schools Foundation & Kids Club Staff